Wet & Windy Winter DTL

First round of 2021 Winter DTL League

The first round of the CU PLAS CALLOW winter DTL league was held at Meary Veg, Santon, with 20 competitors taking part in calm and mainly dry conditions.

The leader after the first round in A class was John Moore with a perfect 25/75 straight with Mike Walker 24/71, Steven Craine 25/71, Mike Parr 24/71 and junior Arran Wade 24/71 all in equal second place. Peter Lowe was the B class leader with a 25/74 straight with George Davies 24/69 and Jack Clague 25/69 in equal second place . Junior Ted Davis 24/69 and Mark Barnett 25/69 were the leaders of C class with lady junior shooter Allana Wade in third place on 23/62.

Allana Wade improved in her second round to finishing in third place in C class on 46/127, second place in C class went to Ted Davis on 45/135 but taking C class with a well shot 48/141 was Mark Barnett. In B class we had a tie for second place between Jack Clague and George Davies on 48/137 but taking B class with 48/140 was Peter Lowe. The first round leader in A class John Moore finished in third place in A class with 48/141 but we had a tie for first place between Mike Walker and junior Arran Wade who both shot 49/144.


A Class

  1. M Walker,
    A Wade (J) 49/144
  2. J Moore 48/141

B Class

  1. 1st P Lowe (48/140)
  2. G Davies,
    J Clague (48/137)

C Class

  1. M Barnett (48/141)
  2. T Davis (J) (45/135)
  3. All Wade (JL) (46/127)
P Lowe, J Clague, Arr Wade, J Moore, M Walker, T Davis, All Wade, M Barnett

Winter Skeet Kicks Off

2021 English Skeet Winter League – Round 1

The first leg of the Utopia sponsored English Skeet league took place a Meary Veg in Santon. We had a good turnout of 22 competitors in sunny but cold conditions, with the sun affecting many of the competitors when they took to the first stand.

The leaders after the first round of 25 targets were Junior Joe Faragher and Veteran John Moore with 24 closely followed by Paul Mihailovits on 23 with another three competitors tying on 22.  After a well-deserved hot drink and a sausage bap the squads went out again to shoot their final round, with four 24’s being posted.


A Class

  1. Paul Mihailovits (47)
  2. Giulio Fabrizio (46)
  3. Dave Corlett,
    John Moore (45)

B Class

  1. Joe Faragher (J) (46)
  2. Peter Fabrizio,
    Will Rand (41)

C Class

  1. Stephen Rand (36)
  2. Brian Kelly,
    Alan Wright (33)

We also had a new shooter taking part in his first competition having only been down the range a couple of time that was Wayne Barsby, well shot Wayne.

English Skeet Winners: B Kelly, G Fabrizio, P Fabrizio, S Rand, D Corlett, J Faragher, J Moore, P Mihailovits, A Wright

Winter Season Underway

Pro Sporting League First Round

The first round of the Winter 2021 Pro Sporting league sponsored by Stan Cross was held at Meary Veg, Santon, with sixteen competitors taking part in windy, cold but dry conditions. Also up for grabs was the Victor Annand safety officers cup.

The leader after the first round of 25 was John Moore with 23 points. In second place on 21 was Juan Cowley with Stan Cross, Paul Mihailovits, Dave Corlett, Peter Kelly, Will Rand and Mark Barnett all tying for third place on 18. The second 25 shot on the right hand range saw Brian Kelly finishing in third place in C class with 22 points, in second place in C was Alan Wright on 23 but taking C class with 25 points was lady shooter Nicky Barnett.

In B class Brian Faragher was third on 37 with Peter Kelly taking second place on 38 but winning B class with 40 points was Paul Mihailovits. We had a tie for third place in a class between Dave Corlett and John Moore on 39 points with Stan Cross taking second place on 40 but the winner of A class and also winning the Victor Annand cup with 41 points was Juan Cowley.


A Class

  1. J Cowley (41)
  2. S Cross (40)
  3. J Moore,
    D Corlett (39)

B Class

  1. P Mihailovits (40)
  2. P Kelly (38)
  3. B Faragher (37)

C Class

  1. N Barnett (L) (25)
  2. A Wright (23)
  3. B Kelly (22)
Pro Sporting Winners: P Mihailovits, P Kelly, D Corlett, B Faragher, J Cowley, S Cross, B Kelly, N Barnett, J Moore, A Wright

Notice of Annual MCTSA General Meeting

19:00 on 25th November 2021

Dear Members

The Annual General Meeting of the Manx Clay Target Shooting Association will take place on Thursday 25th November 2021 at the Creg Na Baa starting at 7:00pm.

Please note should any member wish to add anything to the agenda please submit this in writing to the Secretary (mctsa.secretary@hotmail.com) by Thursday 18th November 2021. Only items on the agenda will be discussed and voted on at the AGM.

Agenda attached.

Stan Cross MCTSA Secretary

Mihailovits does it Again!

Manx Skeet, Manx Weather

The Manx Skeet Championship was held at Meary Veg, Santon, and kindly sponsored by the format’s creator, John Moore.

Fourteen shooters took part in mainly dry and at times sunny conditions. The leader after the first rounds was Paul Mihailovits with 21 points, in equal second place on 20 were Jeff Corkill and Giulio Fabrizio, with Dave Corlett, John Moore and Arthur Hayes next on 19.

After the second and final round Alan Wright finished in second place in C class on 18 with lady shooter Nicky Barnett taking C class on 23. In B class Ted Kermeen was third on 36 with junior shooter Joe Faragher taking second place on 37 but taking B class with 42 points which should of been 43 as he missed his first target was Peter Kelly.

In A class we had a five way tie for first place between John Moore, Dave Corlett, Arthur Hayes, Jeff Corkill and Giulio Fabrizio all with 41 points but the outright winner with 43 points was the first round leader Paul Mihailovits – well done Paul!


High Gun

  1. P Mihailovits (21, 22 = 43)

Class A

  1. J Moore (19, 22 = 41)
    D Corlett (19, 22 = 41)
    A Hayes (19, 22 = 41)
    J Corkill (20, 21 = 41)
    G Fabrizio (20, 21 = 41)

Class B

  1. P Kelly (18, 24 = 42)
  2. J Faragher (17, 20 = 37)
  3. E Kermeen (18, 18 = 36)

Class C

  1. N Barnett (L) (12, 11 = 23)
  2. A Wright (8, 10 = 18)
J Corkill, G Fabrizio, D Corlett, P Mihailovits, J Moore, A Hayes, P Kelly, N Barnett, A Wright, J Faragher