Winter Leagues Fully Underway

English Skeet, Round One

The first round of the Utopia Hair Salon Winter Series English Skeet League was held at Meary Veg, Santon, with 15 competitors taking part in very changeable conditions.

In the first round pad one and two proved very difficult with the sun directly shining into the shooters faces but junior Joe Faragher proved that wrong by scoring 24 points only missing on station six to lead from Dave Corlett on 23 in second place with Will Rand, John Moore and B class shooter George Davies in equal third place on 22. We had two new shooters making their league debut in Roman Sammer and Mark Hepworth who both shot 18 in their first round. The leading C class shooter was Chris Workman on 20.

After a short break the second round got underway but this time the shooters had a very strong wind to content with making the targets very unpredictable but at the end of the round we had the following results. In C Class Rob Marshall and Chris Workman were the winners on 39 points with Barry Jones taking third place on 33. George Davies was the lone shooter in B class on 41. In A Class Paul Mihailovits was in third place on 43 with Paul managing to hit a straight in his second round, in second place on 44 was Will Rand but taking first place and overall high gun was junior Joe Faragher – done Joe.  


Class A

  1. J Faragher (J) (47)
  2. W Rand (44)
  3. P Mihailovits (43)

Class B

  1. G Davies (41)

Class C

  1. R Marshall (39)
  2. C Workman (39)
  3. B Jones (33)
P Mihailovits, W Rand, J Faragher, G Davies, B Jones, R Marshall

Seasonal Sporting Underway

Winter Pro Sporting League, Round 1

The first round of the 2022 Winter Pro Sporting League was held at Meary Veg, Santon, across 50 targets in windy and at times moist conditions. The event was generously supported by Mr Stan Cross, with the Referees and Safety Officers Cup also up for grabs.

Six competitors made a strong start on a challenging first layout by hitting all five available single targets, but it was a different story during the on-report pairs, with just Paul Mihailovits and junior David Cowin bagging perfect tens. The instant pairs proved harder still, with Mihailovits dropping one target to finish on 24 followed by Rob Watterson on 20. Neck and neck with 19 points each were Stan Cross and juniors Joe Faragher and David Cowin.

Layout number two proved less of a challenge initially, with 11 of 19 competitors scoring full marks during the opening segment of five single targets, but those targets became significantly more difficult when shot as on-report pairs, leaving Will Rand alone on top with nine points from a possible ten. The final segment of five instant pairs was trickier still, but choosing the correct target to pick off first pays dividends, with Rob Watterson, Alan Brew, and David Cowin dropping just one point each. The second layout leaders were Watterson and Rand with 22 points, followed by Mihailovits on 19.

Blustery showers showers failed to dampen spirits thanks to our new shelters, getting this year’s winter season safely underway in comfort and style. League leaders after 50 targets were Paul Mihailovits on 43, followed by David Cowin, Stan Cross and Joe Faragher all on 38.


Class A

  1. P Mihailovits (43)
  2. S Cross (38)
  3. W Rand (37)

Class B

  1. J Faragher (J) (38)
  2. D Cowin (J) (38)
  3. M Barnett (35)

Class C

  1. M Sweetman (35)
  2. B Kelly (29)
  3. N Barnett (26)
P Mihailovits, B Kelly, M Barnett, S Cross, N Barnett, J Faragher, D Cowin, M Sweetman

The club acknowledges noteworthy scores of 42 by Rob Watterson (pending classification) and 39 by Alan Brew (non member) and extends its thanks to Will Rand and Brian Faragher for an excellent set of targets. Next Sunday it’s the first round of our English Skeet Winter League.

Sunny Start to Winter Leagues

DTL Round One

The first round of The Cu Plas Callow Winter Series DTL league was held at Meary Veg, Santon, in dry and sunny conditions.

The leader after the first round was Mike Walker with a 25 straight for 74 points in second place on 71 points was Phil Ward with Mike Parr in third place on 69. The leading B class shooter was junior David Cowin on 50 and the leading C class shooter was Alan Wright on 66.

After a short break for a cuppa and sausage bap the second round got under way but we had another delay as the first round leader Mike Walker was ready to shoot then realised that he had forgot to bring more cartridges for his second round. After the second round Alan Wright the first round leader in C class finished in second place in C on 111 but beating him on 124 was Rob Marshall. In B Class Jack Clague finished in second place on 101 with junior David Cowin taking B on 112. In A class Peter Kelly finished in third place on 131 mainly down to a straight in his second round, in second place on 140 was Phil Ward, who missed his first target out in his second round but one point ahead in first place was Mike Walker on 141.


Class A

  1. M Walker (48/142)
  2. P Ward (47/140)
  3. P Kelly (45/131)

Class B

  1. D Cowin (J) (38/112)
  2. J Clague (35/101)

Class C

  1. R Marshall (43/124)
  2. A Wright (37/111)
A Wright, D Cowin, J Clague, M Walker, P Ward, P Kelly, R Marshall

No shoot next week as the range is closed for Remembrance Sunday. Don’t forget the dinner on Saturday 12th November at the Douglas Golf Club 19:30 start.

Parsons Pots Black

Successful Snooker ‘Fun Shoot’

A very enjoyable snooker shoot was held at Meary Veg, Santon, which was shot under one of the new shelters on the range so nobody got wet.

The winner of the individual section was Neil Parsons with a very good score of 78 (ex 100). In second place on 70 was Mark Barnett with Brian Faragher taking third place on 63 followed by Michael Cross in fourth place on 57 with Paul Mihailovits in fifth place on 56 and making up the top six was Brian Kelly on 55.

In team section shot separately to the individual  Stan Cross and Neil Parsons were the winners on 136 with Dave Corlett and Paul Mihailovits second on 107 and junior David Cowin and Brian Faragher in third place on 94. Full scores are available online.

Next week is another come and try it day for anybody that wishes to come along and try their hand at clay shooting, the cost is £5 for 10 shots with all equipment and coaching supplied. The range will also be open for  club members to come and practice.

Mihailovits Strong on Skeet

Manx Skeet Championship

The annual Manx Skeet Championship sponsored by John Moore was held at Meary Veg Santon in dry but very windy conditions.

The leader after the first round was Paul Mihailovits with 23 points with junior Joe Faragher in second place on 21 with Brian Faragher in third place on 20 followed by Jeff Corkill and Dave Corlett on 19 and making up the top six was Giulio Fabrizio on 18.

In the second round with the wind getting even stronger Dave Morgan finished in second place in C class on 28 with grandson Zac Bellhouse taking C class with 30 points. In B class junior David Cowin was second on 35 with Brian Faragher taking B class with 37 points. Dave Corlett was second in A class with 39 points with Jeff Corkill taking the class with 40 points, but the new Manx Skeet Champion for 2022 is Paul Mihailovits who scored 42 points – well done Paul!


High Gun

  • P Mihailovits (23, 19 = 42)

Class A

  1. J Corkill (19, 21 = 40)
  2. D Corlett (19, 20 = 39)

Class B

  1. B Faragher (20, 19 = 39)
  2. D Cowin (J) (16, 19 = 35)

Class C

  1. Z Bellhouse (J) (15, 15 = 30)
  2. D Morgan (16, 12 = 28)

Next week is a ‘Come and try it’ day for anybody that would like to have a taster session at clay shooting. The cost is 10 shots for £5 which includes all equipment along with coaching as well as complementary tea and coffee. Even if it’s wet please come along as we will be shooting under cover.

If you have not got your name down for the dinner please do so ASAP or have any cups for engraving please return them ASAP. Duty officers this week are D Corlett & M Parr.