A Positively Summery end to Winter

Results from the Club All-Rounder

Our annual Winter All Round Championship was held at Meary Veg, Santon and was sponsored by Cu Plas Callow, Utopia Hair Salon and Brian Faragher, with 23 competitors taking part in near perfect conditions.

With DTL and English skeet being held at the same time the leader board at this stage saw Brian Faragher leading with 146 points having hit a perfect straight in English skeet and also a straight in DTL for 71 points. In second place on 141 was Michael Cross (J) who also had a straight in DTL scoring 72 points followed by George Davies on 135 with Paul Mihailovits one back in forth place on 134. In fifth place on 133 was Dave Corlett with Mike Walker making up the top six on 127.

The Pro Sporting was shot in reverse order over 25 targets once all the scores were calibrated. Nicky Barnett was the leading lady on 144, in the junior section David Cowin was forth on 125 with Joe Faragher taking third place on 154. In second place on 161 was Arran Wade but the run away winner on 192 was Michael Cross (J). Mark Riley was eighth overall on 163 with Will Rand taking seventh place on 170, one behind George Davies in sixth place on 171 who was two behind Paul Mihailovits in fifth place on 173. Dave Corlett took fourth place on 175 with Giulio Fabrizio bringing home third on 179 mainly thanks to hitting the best score in the sporting. Brian Faragher finished in second place on 185 but the overall winner on 192 was Michael Cross (J) who also took the junior prize as well as the team prize with Will Rand. Details in full on our results page.

Overall Positions
  1. M Cross (J) (192)
  2. B Faragher (185)
  3. G Fabrizio (179)
  4. D Corlett (175)
  5. P Mihailovits (173)
  6. G Davies (171)
  7. W Rand (170)
  8. M Riley (163)
  1. M Cross (J) (192)
  2. A Wade (J) (161)
  3. J Faragher (J) (154)
  1. N Barnett (L) (144)
  1. M Cross (J)
    W Rand (362)
  2. G Davies
    B Faragher (356)

All the prizes were presented after the shoot along with all the winter league prizes which can be picked up at the club house for those not able to make it. Next week is a work party for to get ready for the summer season.

All-Round Winners (left-to-right): Paul Mihailovits, Pietro Fabrizio, Will Rand, Giulio Fabrizio, Arran Wade, Peter Kelly, Micheal Cross, Dave Corlett, Joe Faragher, Nicky Barnett, Stan Cross, Brian Faragher, David Cowin

A Wet & Windy Round of Winter Skeet

English Skeet Winter League – Final Round

Sixteen hardy souls took part in the third and final round of the Utopia Hair Salon Winter series English Skeet League at Meary Veg, Santon, in very wet, cold, and windy conditions.

The leader after the first round was Dave Corlett with 22 points with Paul Mihailovits, Jeff Corkill and newcomer to clay shooting Chris Workman on 21 followed by Mark Barnett and Joe Faragher (J) on 20. With the weather conditions getting even worse for the second round David Cowin (J) hit 21 to finish in third place in C class with 34 points, second place in C class went to Will Rand on 37 with Joe Faragher (J) taking C class with 38 points.

Peter Kelly was third in B class with 32 points with Brian Faragher taking second place on 35 one behind B class winner Mark Barnett on 36. Stan Cross was third in A class on 39 points as was unclassified Chris Workman also on 39, Dave Corlett finished second on 43 but taking the top prize with 44 points and also having the best round of the day a 23 in his second round was Paul Mihailovits.


Class A
  1. P Mihailovits (44)
  2. D Corlett (43)
  3. S Cross (39)
Class B
  1. M Barnett (36)
  2. B Faragher (35)
  3. P Kelly (32)
Class C
  1. J Faragher (J) (38)
  2. W Rand (37)
  3. D Cowin (J) (34)
  1. C Workman (39)
  2. N Freeland (18)
2020/1 English Skeet Winter League final round winners: Will Rand, Dave Corlett, Paul Mihailovits, David Cowin, Joe Faragher, Peter Kelly, Brian Faragher

Newsletter – February 2021

Hi Members

Once again we had another lock down but fortunately it was only for 3 weeks. The committee has decided reduce the winter leagues from 4 to 3 with the best 2 to count. A revised fixture list is on the reverse of the newsletter. All the prizes for all leagues will be given out at the Winter All Round on February 20th so please turn up to pick any prizes you may have won.

Membership Fees

All membership Fees and entry fees are staying the same at present as long as prices for clays and cartridges stay the same Membership fees can now be paid at the club house or by BACS.

IOM Clay Pigeon Club SORT 559100 ACC 13191756 REF MEMBERSHIP

Please tex Stan to let him know you have paid by BACS

N.B. If you have not paid your membership you will be charged Non Members rates if you come to shoot and if in competition your scores will not be counted and you will not be eligible for any prizes also if you have not paid by the end of February you will have to reapply to join the club as per the constitution so please pay your membership.

Xmas shoots

Both Christmas shoots were well attended with a record 62 entries for the main shoot as well we had 75 sitting down for a splendid meal at the Crosby Hotel afterwards, many thanks to Top Spec Fencing for sponsoring the event once again.

Wednesdays, Saturdays

The range reopened on  Wednesday 3rd February at 12-30 then on Saturday 6th February at 10am. The rotas for Wednesdays and Saturdays will just continue as per lists. Anyone that can help with range duty rotas please see Peter.

Fixtures for 2021

The fixtures have now been finalized and can be downloaded from the web or collected from the clubhouse. We are glad to say that all are main sponsors are once again on board with one or two additions. We have also being allocated the IOM Sporting Championship, a first for the club.

Web site

The web site is at present being upgraded by Mark Barnett we additional tabs for news, history, photos etc, if you have any old pictures of shooting in the past please can you let Mark have them and he will sort through them and put the best on the web.


Steven Rand has been busy in lock down making gun stands for us, many thanks Steven.

We are also in the process of putting together a wish list for upgrades on the range with the hope we can get some financial help from the sports council. Once we get some better weather we will be having work parties to do some of the work, so keep yourselves handy to help with the work

That’s all for now 

Good shooting


DTL League finishes in Seasonal Style

DTL Winter League – Final Round

The third and final round of the Cu Plas Callow Winter series DTL league was held at Meary Veg Santon with 21 competitors taking part in extremely cold and windy conditions.

The leader after the first 25 was Summer League winner Mike Walker with 62 points. In equal second place on 61 were Peter Kelly and junior Joe Faragher followed by Stan Cross and Mark Barnett on 58 with Artur Stepka making up the top six on 57.

With the wind getting even stronger for the second round Giulio Fabrizio finished in third place in C class on 96, with Joe Faragher taking second place on 104. First place in C class went to George Davies on 114.

In B class junior Arran Wade was third on 101 but we had a tie for first place between Stan Cross and Artur Stepka on 109. The best round of the day went to Steven Craine who hit 23 targets for 68 points and finished in fourth place in A class. Third place in A class went to Peter Kelly on 114, with John Moore taking second place on 115. Top of the class once again was Mike Walker on 118 – well done Mike!

2020/21 DTL Winter League final round winners: Peter Kelly, Mike Parr, Artur Stepka, Mike Walker, John Moore and Joe Faragher (jnr)


A Class

  1. M Walker (62, 56 = 118)
  2. J Moore (54, 61 = 115)
  3. P Kelly (61, 53 = 114)

B Class

  1. S Cross (58, 51 = 109)
    A Stepka (57, 52 = 109)
  2. A Wade jnr (46,55=101)

C Class

  1. G Davies (49, 65 = 114)
  2. J Faragher jnr (61, 43 = 104)
  3. G Fabrizio (56, 40 = 96)

Next week is the third round of the Utopia Hair salon winter Series English skeet league

Winter Sporting Update

Pro Sporting League – 3rd Round

The third round of the Winter series Pro Sporting league was held at Meary Veg Santon with twenty competitors taking part in cold dry sunny conditions.

The leader at the half way stage was John Moore with 22 points, in second place on 20 was Michael Cross, with Andy Morgan next on 19, followed by Alan Wade, Brian Faragher and Dean Marchbank on 18. After the second twenty five Alan Wright finished in third place in C class on 19, with junior David Cowin in second place on 33, the winner of C class with 36 points was Mark Barnett. In B class Dean Marchbank and Jackie Clague were in equal second place on 34, with Brian Faragher taking B class with 35 points. In A class Alan Wade was third on 38, with John Moore taking second place on 40, in first place with a score of 41 and high gun on the day was junior Michael Cross.


A Class

  1. M Cross Jnr (21, 20 = 41)
  2. J Moore (18, 22 = 40)
  3. A Wade (18, 20 = 38)

B Class

  1. B Faragher (17, 18 = 35)
  2. D Marchbank (16, 18 = 34)
    J Clague (15, 19 = 34)

C Class

  1. M Barnett (21, 15 = 36)
  2. D Cowin Jnr (14, 19 = 33)
  3. A Wright (7, 12 = 19)

Next week is the third round of the Utopia Hair Salon winter series English Skeet league, entries close at 10am. Duty officers this week are J Moore & N Barnett

2020 Christmas Shoot & Dinner

The IOM Clay Pigeon shooting club held their annual Christmas shoot and kindly sponsored once again by Top Spec Fencing saw a record entry of 61 shooters taking to the stands in cool, windy but dry conditions.

The leader at the half way stage with a perfect 25 straight was B class shooter Rob Corlett with A class Mike Walker in second place on 24 followed by Mark Riley, John Moore and another B class shooter in Peter Lowe all on 22.

In the Phil Yewdall section of the shoot for those people who have never shot before J Salter was the leader here with a well shot 22, in second place on 16 was R Wade with C Kermode third on 15, the leading lady was Julie Faragher on 13. At the end of the second round in the non members section J Lewis was third on 102 points with Rob Watterson in second place on 114 but the winner on 117 was G Lewis.

In the unclassified section Ted Davis was in third place on 108 with Stan Skinner taking second place on 117 with James Bradley in first place on count back also on 117. In the ladies section Allana wade was second on 69 with Nicky Barnett taking first place on 81.

In the novice section for new members Warren Flynn was third on 75 with his dad Steve Flynn in second place on 81 but in first place also on 81 and beating Steve on count back was junior Zac Bellhouse also with 81 points. In the junior section Michael Cross was in third place on 108 with Arran Wade taking second place on 114 but losing out for first place on count back to Joe Faragher  also on 114.

In C class Richie Radcliffe was in sixth place on 72 with Alan Wright taking fifth place on 75, Tom Kelly was forth on 87 with Brian Kelly taking third place on 90, Steve Rand was in second place on 99 but the winner of C class with 114 was Will Rand.

In B class junior Michael Cross was in sixth place on 108 with another junior Joe Faragher in fifth place on 114, Stan Cross was forth on 117 with Mark Barnett taking third place on 120, Peter Lowe was second on 129 with Rob Corlett taking B class with 138.

In A class Alan Wade was sixth on 117 with John Moore fifth on 123 in forth place on 126 was Peter Kelly with Steven Craine last years winner overall in third place also on 126, in second place also on 126 was Neil Parsons with Mark Riley taking A class with 135.

In the Phil Yewdall Memorial non members section R Wade was in third place on 105 with junior C Kermode taking second place on 111 but winning the Phil Yewdall cup and a membership to the club was J Salter.

In the handicap section for the George Costain memorial cup the winner was former sidecar racer Brian Kelly on 174 points. This only left the John Moore high-gun cup to be decided and we had to have a shoot off to decide a winner between A class Mike Walker and B class Rob Corlett who both tied on 138 shot over a full round of 25 targets, it was neck and neck after ten targets with both shooters only dropping one target, it was still neck and neck after twenty targets with both shooters dropping a further target each, they both hit their twenty first targets then Rob missed his next two only for Mike to miss his twenty forth target. Rob hit his last target which meant Mike had to hit his to take the cup which he did scoring 22 to Robs 21 – well done Mike!

The prizes were presented by Emma Parsons of Top Spec Fencing after another excellent meal at the Crosby Hotel.


A Class

  1. M Riley (22, 23 = 45)
  2. N Parsons (20, 22 = 42)
  3. S Craine (21, 21 = 42)
  4. P Kelly (21, 21 = 42)
  5. J Moore (22, 19 = 41)
  6. A Wade (17, 22 = 39)

B Class

  1. R Corlett (25, 21 = 46 + 21)
  2. P Lowe (22, 21 = 43)
  3. M Barnett (20, 20 = 40)
  4. S Cross (19, 20 = 39)
  5. J Faragher (18, 20 = 38)
  6. M Cross (17, 19 = 36)

C Class

  1. W Rand (19, 19 = 39)
  2. S Rand (20, 13 = 33)
  3. B Kelly (15, 15 = 30)
  4. T Kelly (16, 13 = 29)
  5. A Wright (14, 11 = 25)
  6. R Radcliffe (8, 16 = 24)


  1. N Barnett (13, 14 = 27)
  2. A Wade (15, 8 = 23)


  1. J Faragher (18, 20 = 38)
  2. A Wade (19, 19 = 38)
  3. M Cross (17, 19 = 36)

High Gun

  • M Walker (24, 22 = 46 + 22)


  • B Kelly (90 + 84 = 174)

Phil Yewdall

  • J Salter (22, 17 = 39)


  1. Z Bellhouse (13, 14 = 27)
  2. S Flynn (13, 14 = 27)
  3. W Flynn (9, 16 = 25)            

Non Member

  1. G Lewis (20, 19 = 39)
  2. R Watterson (19, 19 = 36)
  3. J Lewis (15, 19 = 34)             


  1. J Bradley (18, 21 = 39)
  2. S Skinner (19, 20 = 39)
  3. T Davis (19, 17 = 36)

Next week is third round of the winter series Pro Sporting league, entries close at 10:00.

Pre Christmas Shoot

The annual pre Christmas shoot was held at Meary Veg Santon with 22 competitors taking part in cool dry conditions and shot over a new discipline Super Sporting.

The leader at the half way stage was A class shooter John Moore with 22 points, in second place on 21 was C class Mark Barnett, with father and son Stan and Michael Cross who are both in A in equal third place on 20. The leader B class with 17 points were juniors Joe Faragher and Arran Wade. After the second round Jeff Corkill making a rare appearance in sporting shooting was in third place in C class with 30 points, with junior David Cowin taking second place on 35, but taking C class with 37 points was Mark Barnett. In B class Brian Faragher was in third place on 31 points, in second place on 34 points was Brian’s son Joe Faragher, but the winner of B class with 35 points was Will Rand. In A class first round leader John Moore was third on 36, with Dave Corlett taking second place on 38, with Stan Cross in first place in A with 40 points, but the overall winner with 41 points was junior Michael Cross. A team event was also held and the winners were Alan Wade and Michael Cross but only after a shoot off with Mark Barnett and Dave Corlett, Dave Lally and Joe Faragher were in third place .


A class

  1. S Cross (20, 20 = 40)
  2. D Corlett (18, 20 = 38)
  3. J Moore (22, 14 = 36)

B Class

  1. W rand (17, 18 = 35)
  2. J Faragher (17, 17 = 34)
  3. B Faragher (19, 12 = 31)

C Class

  1. M Barnett (21, 16 = 37)
  2. D Cowin (19, 16 = 35)
  3. J Corkill (13, 17 = 30)


  • M Cross (20, 21 = 41)


  1. A Wade & M Cross (73 + 13)
  2. M Barnett & D Corlett (75+8)
  3. D Lally & J Faragher (71)

Next week is the main Christmas shoot shot over 50 Single Barrel DTL and sponsored by Top Spec Fencing. The range will be open on Saturday 26th December from 10am and Wednesday afternoon 30th from 12 – 3pm. Merry Christmas to you all.