Cups to be Returned

It’s that time of year again folks; we need your silverware so that it can be engraved for posterity and issued to this year’s deserving champions.

Please check the table below to see if you’ve got something we want, and if you’re on my list then bring the item back to Meary Veg at your earliest convenience. Too much bling to count? No problem – you can use the search box at the top of the table to highlight your awards or find a particular trophy.

Finally, a whole bag of Brownie points to anyone who polishes their prizes before returning them. We’re planning to digitise all of our club’s trophies later this year and that involves a high-res photo shoot, which is enough work in itself without having to buff up 30+ cups. Thank you in advance for your help with this.

Without further ado – here’s what we need back ASAP:

StatusCup / TrophyHolder
PendingEaster High GunJ Simpson
PendingEaster HandicapM Barnett
PendingEaster Team Event /
Colin Bowen Memorial
B Faragher
G Fabrizio
PendingWilf Cannell Handicap D Cowin (J)
PendingCrowe Morgan Skeet GP HGM Riley
PendingCrowe Morgan Junior HGJ Faragher
PendingDavid Morgan Team EventD Morgan
M riley
PendingCesar Leonetti HandicapN Barnett (L)
PendingLes & Lynn Killey 100 LeagueJ Simpson
PendingMike Walker High GunM Walker
PendingJ Harrison HandicapR Radcliffe
PendingIan Faragher 50 LeagueA Wade
PendingJ D Faulkner High GunA Wade
PendingPeter Kelly HandicapA Wade (J)
PendingTed Gohl High GunS Cross
PendingB Faragher HandicapM Barnett
PendingDave & Pam Corlett High GunG Davies
PendingDave & Pam Corlett HandicapM Barnett
PendingParkinson High GunD Clague
PendingCannell Crossing High GunD Clague
PendingS & M Cross Skeet DoublesJ Corkill
PendingS & M Cross Skeet Doubles TeamD Corlett
J Simpson
PendingS & M Cross Skeet Doubles JuniorsM Cross
PendingS & M Cross Skeet Doubles LadiesM Simpson
PendingSporting GPA Wade
PendingTrap MedleyA Wade
PendingSkeet MedleyJ Corkill
PendingPro Sporting GPA Wade
PendingFabrizio CupN Parsons
PendingFabrizio Junior CupM Cross
PendingBallaneven Side by SideR Kneen
PendingHospice CupW Rand
Current status of issued cups & trophies