Summer Sunshine Sporting

Pro Sporting League, Round 5

The fifth round of the Summer Pro Sporting League was held at Meary Veg, Santon on the morning of Sunday September 4th, with 17 competitors taking part in glorious sunshine with very light winds.

A well received first layout of 25 targets saw Peter Kelly, George Davies, Stan Cross and Alan Wright sharing third position with 18 points each, while David Clague, Stevie Craine and Rob Corlett took second place with 20 apiece, leaving Dave Corlett and Mark Barnett jostling for the lead on 22 points each.

Round two was kind to few, with the Corlett boys bringing home mid teens, Craine Senior leapfrogged by son Calum on 21, and just three competitors clearing the final barrage of instant pairs without dropping a target: Kelly, Cross, and newcomer Daniel Zorab, who bagged one point more on the pairs than in his very first round. Also making good on on an iffy start of 10 points in her first round was Allana Wade, who upped her game to 18 points, while Cross went from 18 to 23 and Kelly from 18 to 22, with Barnett improving on 22 with an extraordinary 24.

The morning’s excitement drew to a close with Peter Kelly and David Clague in equal third on 40 points, Stan Cross in second on 41, and Mark Barnett on top with 46 points – laboratory results pending.


Class A

  1. S Cross (18, 23 = 41)
  2. D Clague (20, 20 = 40)
  3. P Kelly (18, 22 = 40)

Class B

  1. M Barnett (22, 24 = 46)
  2. C Craine (17, 21 = 38)
  3. S Craine (20, 17 = 37)

Class C

  1. A Wright (18, 19 = 37)
  2. Z Bellhouse (15, 18 = 33)
  3. D Morgan (13, 17 = 30)
C Craine, J Clague, Z Bellhouse, M Barnett, D Morgan, S Cross, S Craine, A Wright, P Kelly

English Sporting League, Round 5

The afternoon of Sunday 4th saw yet more sporting action in ideal conditions, and this time it was the fifth round of the Summer English Sporting League which brought 20 competitors out into the early September sunshine, tackling 50 targets across 5 stands.

Freshly back from competing in the British open, junior Joe Faragher wasted no time on stand one with a respectable 9 hits, followed by Peter Kelly, Rob Corlett, and George Davies with 8 points each. By stand two it was time for Joe’s father Brian to take over, putting Faragher (senior) in the lead with 9 followed by Kelly and Paul Mihailovits on 8 targets each.

All change again on stand three, with Joe “I’m-not-having-that” Faragher bagging a perfect 10, joined by watchful veterans Dave Corlett and Stan Cross, and followed by Mihailovits and Rob Corlett on 9. Neither Faraghers were seen at the top of stand four, where a bevy of eight competitors scored 9 points each, including class C shooter Alan Wright.

The fifth and final stand consisted of a high teal and a low, floaty incomer – two types of target typically loved or loathed – and again we saw a solid group at the top, with six shooters scoring perfect tens and another six on resplendent nines.

At the end of five rounds and with the sun still smiling we had Joe Faragher, Rob Corlett, Peter Kelly and Dave Corlett sharing second place on 40 points, with Paul Mihailovits riding high on 42.


Class A

  1. P Mihailovits (42)
  2. D Corlett (40)
  3. J Clague (35)
  4. G Davies (35)

Class B

  1. P Kelly (40)
  2. R Corlett (40)
  3. S Cross (37)

Class C

  1. J Faragher (40)
  2. R Kneen (31)
  3. A Wright (29)
D Corlett, J Faragher, G Davies, P Mihailovits, P Kelly, R Corlett, S Cross

Thank You

The club expresses its sincere thanks to Pam and Dave Corlett for sponsoring our Summer Pro Sporting League, and to Suntera Global for supporting our Summer English Sporting League. Without your generous support events like this would not be possible, and we’re very grateful indeed.

Victory for Corlett on Tynwald Day

2022 Pro Sporting Grand Prix

Thirteen eager competitors took part in the IOM Clay Pigeon Shooting Club’s annual Tynwald Day Pro Sporting Grand Prix, aiming for 100 sporting targets across four layouts.

Class A shooter Alan Wade made his mark on the first layout with just one target missed for an impressive 24 points, pursued by Peter Kelly and Rob Corlett on 22, with Rob’s father Dave Corlett on 21 points. Peter Kelly put in another strong performance on the second layout with 23, where he was joined by Stan Cross and Neil Parsons, with both Corletts, Arran Wade, and Mark Barnett level on 22 by the halfway stage.

Rob Corlett and Peter Kelly hit the ground running after lunch, each scoring 21 points on a tricky third layout, followed by John Moore, Stan Cross, and Alan Wade on 20. Layout four was dominated by Mark Barnett with 22 and Neil Parsons with 21, followed by Rob and Dave Corlett, Stan Cross, and Mark Sweetman – all on 20 points.

The overall winner of C class was Mark Sweetman (71) followed by Brian Kelly (66). Class B consisted of Mark Barnett (78) and junior Arran Wade (72) while class A featured Alan Wade (83), Peter Kelly (82), Stan Cross (81) and Dave Corlett (81). Today’s High Gun goes to Rob Corlett (85) who was the only competitor to score 20 or more in each layout – fantastic shooting, Rob!


High Gun

  • R Corlett (85)

Class A

  1. A Wade (83)
  2. P Kelly (82)
  3. S Cross (81)
  4. D Corlett (81)

Class B

  1. M Barnett (78)
  2. Arr Wade (J) (72)

Class C

  1. M Sweetman (71)
  2. B Kelly (66)


  1. A Wade
    D Corlett (164)
  2. S Cross
    N Parsons (161)
B Kelly, M Sweetman, N Parsons, R Corlett, A Wade, Arr Wade, S Cross, P Kelly, D Corlett, N Barnett

Barnett Bags Ballaneven Cup

Annual Side-by-Side Championship

The annual Ballaneven Side-by-Side Championship was held at Meary Veg, Santon, on Wednesday 15th June. Eighteen competitors took part in ideal conditions, including two non-members and one club member with a non-conforming gun, leaving fifteen individuals competing for prizes across five stands.

Visiting shooter Tony Grainger was the only competitor to clear stand 1 with a perfect 10, hotly pursued by Stevie Craine, Micheal Cross, Stan Skinner and Dave Corlett on 9 points. Corlett’s patience was tested as several shots refused to go off due to a sticky pin, a common gremlin found in many classic shotguns. Craine scored another 9 on stand 2 and was joined at the top by Peter Kelly, followed on 8 by Jackie Clague and sponsor John Kneen.

Micheal Cross found his form on stand 3 with a perfect 10, as did Mark Barnett and reigning champion Richard Kneen. The same trio landed another set of perfect 10s on stand 4, as did juniors Calum Craine and Arran Wade, Peter Kelly, Rob Corlett, and Stan Skinner. Barnett, Kelly, and Corlett also cleared stand 5 with full marks, joined by Alan Wade with a perfect 10.

After fifty targets of fierce but good natured competition, class C was dominated by sponsors Richard and John Kneen with 41 and 29 points respectively, while class B consisted of Rob Corlett with 36, Stan Cross with 38, and Peter Kelly on 39 points. Alan Wade and Dave Corlett tied for third place in class A with 38 points each, led by Micheal Cross on 41 and Stevie Craine on 42.

Meanwhile with 43 points the Ballaneven Cup goes to Mark Barnett, who would like to express his gratitude to previous champion Richard Kneen for the loan of his gun today.


High Gun

  1. M Barnett (43)

Class A

  1. S Craine (42)
  2. M Cross (41)
  3. D Corlett (38)
  4. A Wade (38)

Class B

  1. P Kelly (39)
  2. S Cross (38)
  3. R Corlett (36)

Class C

  1. R Kneen (41)
  2. J Kneen (29)
R Kneen, P Kelly, S Craine, D Corlett, J Kneen, M Barnett, R Corlett, M Cross, S Cross

Sporting Finish Leaves Shooters Misty-Eyed

Fabrizio Spring All-Rounder

The annual Fabrizio All-Round Cup was this weekend’s hot competition at Meary Veg, Santon, where 13 competitors battled driving fog, gusting wind and variable light to shoot 125 targets across five disciplines. Even clay target shooters have their strengths and weaknesses, which makes for interesting competition and great banter during these mixed events of Trap, Skeet, and Sporting, with each of the five rounds carrying a maximum score of 75 points.

The first discipline was English Skeet, and resident specialist Paul Mihailovits made his mark with the only straight 75, closely followed by Micheal Cross, Peter Kelly, and Giulio Fabrizio all on 72 points thanks to just one miss, which in Mikey’s case was the last target – an unfortunate occurrence. Trap expert Stevie Craine failed to find his groove during this first round, but more than made up for it by scoring a perfect 75 in the second discipline, Down The Line (DTL), where he was pursued by Brian Faragher on 71 and John Moore on 70.

Our third discipline was Olympic Skeet, which differs from English Skeet by virtue of much faster targets, a random delay of up to three seconds, and only being allowed to raise your gun once the target has been spotted. The need to quickly mount the gun from a lowered position places lady shooters at something of a disadvantage, but that didn’t stop Nicky Barnett from putting in a respectable 36, highlighting the beauty of all-round competitions by staying three points clear of the last round’s winner. At the other end of the field, blessed with youthful reflexes and unencumbered by female anatomy, Micheal Cross led the pack with a healthy 69 points, closely followed by Giulio Fabrizio on 66 and Jeff Corkill on 57.

Just as Olympic Skeet could be called an evolution of English Skeet, Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) is very similar to DTL, but now there’s a random vertical component added to the unseen trap’s left-right swing. Once again Stevie Craine was in his element, joining ABT veteran John Moore at the top of the pack with 63 points apiece, closely followed by Micheal Cross, Jeff Corkill, Stanley Cross, Peter Kelly, and Mark Barnett with 57 points each.

The fog thickened outside while competitors were re-grouped in order of merit over mugs of tea and hot baps, before being released to face a final round of 25 very variable targets. Designed to mimic what one might encounter at a game shoot, Sporting targets can differ tremendously in their speed and trajectory, with individual easy ‘birds’ often combining to make challenging pairs. Jeff Corkill’s recent focus on Sporting paid off during this round, bagging him 48 points alongside Brian and Joe Faragher, Mark Barnett, and Stan Cross. Micheal Cross stayed a few points ahead of Dad with 54, but the undisputed victor of a very challenging round was Giulio Fabrizio with 57.

Nothing re-shuffles the pack like a well designed Sporting layout, and today’s final round was no exception – great shooting Mikey!


High Gun

  • Micheal Cross (316)

Class A

  1. J Moore (295)
  2. P Mihailovits (291)
  3. J Corkill (290)

Class B

  1. G Fabrizio (313)
  2. S Cross (293)
  3. M Barnett (286)

Class C

  1. P Fabrizio (233)
  2. N Barnett (183)
P Fabrizio, P Mihailovits, G Fabrizio, N Barnett, S Cross, M Cross, J Moore, J Faragher, J Corkill

Summer Sporting Leagues are Go!

Pro Sporting – Round 1

The first round of the Summer 2022 Pro Sporting League was held at Meary Veg, Santon, on the morning of Sunday 6th March, with twenty-one competitors enjoying 50 targets in perfect conditions.

Class A shooter Neil Parsons took the lead after round one, dropping just one target in the instant pairs for a healthy 24. Hot on his heels were Brian Kelly with 22 and junior Joe Faragher on 21, with Rob Corlett also scoring 21 to make up the top three.

Round two featured some tricky targets, and Parsons was joined at the top by Brian Faragher with 20 points apiece, followed by Guilio Fabrizio and Stevie Craine with 19 and 18 respectively.

The combined scores after two rounds saw Neil Parsons claim top slot on 44 points, with Joe Faragher in second on 38 and John Moore in third with 37.


Class A

  1. N Parsons (24, 20 = 44)
  2. J Moore (20, 14 = 34)
  3. P Kelly (19, 14 = 33)

Class B

  1. J Faragher (J) (21, 17 = 38)
  2. G Fabrizio (18, 19 = 37)
  3. B Faragher (17, 20 = 37)

Class C

  1. M Sweetman (20, 12 = 32)
  2. N Barnett (L) (16, 15 = 31)
  3. B Kelly (22, 8 = 30)

Our heartfelt thanks to Pam and Dave Corlett for once again sponsoring the Pro Sporting League this summer.

B Faragher, G Fabrizio, J Moore, N Parsons, M Sweetman, N Barnett, P Kelly, J Faragher, B Kelly

English Sporting – Round 1

Sunday afternoon again saw twenty-one competitors taking part in another season opener, this time Meary Veg’s Summer English Sporting League, also in cold but bright conditions. This discipline was originally created to simulate a game shoot, presenting fifty ‘birds’ across six stands as instant pairs, report pairs, or tricky single targets requiring both barrels.

B class shooter Mark Barnett hit the ground running with a perfect 10 on stand one, closely followed by Neil Parsons, Rob Corlett, and Richard Kneen with 9 points each. Parsons made his mark with 10 points on stand two, which also saw Brian Faragher and junior David Cowin shake off an iffy start to begin an impressive run of nines. Stand three featured a low incoming pair, proving a popular half-way respite which saw four shooters scoring top marks, with seven shooters letting just one get away.

The long-overdue sunshine and entertaining targets made for a buoyant atmosphere throughout the afternoon, at the end of which Parsons finished neck-and-neck with Alan Wade on 44 points, followed by Barnett on 43, with Richard Kneen, Peter Kelly, and Rob Corlett level on 42. Our sincere thanks to Suntera Global for once again sponsoring the English Sporting League this summer.


Class A

  1. A Wade (44)
  2. N Parsons (44)
  3. G Davies (36)

Class B

  1. M Barnett (43)
  2. P Kelly (42)
  3. R Corlett (42)

Class C

  1. R Kneen (42)
  2. Allana Wade (33)
  3. J Faragher (J) (33)
P Kelly, G Davies, N Parsons, A Wade, R Kneen, All. Wade, R Corlett, J Faragher, M Barnett