Competitions, Practice, and Private Bookings

February 2023

DateDayTimeWhat’s OnRange Officers
01Wed12:00 - 16:00Open PracticeS Cross, J Moore
04Sat10:00 - 13:00Open PracticeJ Moore, N Barnett
05Sun10:00 – 15:0050 DTL (4)
ACTC: English Skeet (4)
08Wed12:00 - 16:00Open PracticeP Kelly, B Kelly
11Sat10:00 - 13:00Open PracticeB Kelly, M Sweetman
12Sun10:00 – 15:0050 Pro Sporting (4)
ACTC: Down the Line (4)
15Wed12:00 - 16:00Open PracticeB Faragher, M Sweetman
18Sat10:00 - 13:00Open PracticeJ Cowley, J Corkill
19Sun10:00 – 15:0050 English Skeet (4)
ACTC: English Sporting (4)
22Wed12:00 - 16:00Open PracticeD Corlett, M Barnett
25Sat10:00 - 13:00Open PracticeS Cross, M Cross
26Sun10:00 – 15:00Winter Club All-Round
ACTC: Sport Trap (4)

Our Sponsors

Summer League

ABTSadler Agricultural Supplies
DTLTower Insurance
English SkeetThe Bowen Family
Olympic SkeetManx Petroleum
Pro SportingDavid & Pam Corlett
SportingSuntera Global

Winter League

DTLCu Plas Callow
English SkeetGuilio Fabrizio
Manx SkeetJohn Moore
Pro SportingStan Cross, Brian Faragher, Peter Kelly, Will Rand

The club also expresses its thanks to Quine & Cubbon for providing scorecards.