Summer Sporting Round 4

English Sporting

The fourth round of the Suntera Global Sporting League was held  at Meary Veg, Santon, with 21  competitors taking part in hot, dry sunny conditions, which also had the Ted Gohl High Gun and the Brian Faragher Handicap cups up for grabs.

The leader after the first stand was Mark Barnett with 9 points, in equal second place on 8 were Michael Cross, Peter Kelly and C class shooter Mark Sweetman. Barnett doubled his lead after stand two scoring 8 for a running total of 17, in second place was Michael Cross on 15 with Daddy Cross, Juan Cowley, Mark Sweetman and Rob Corlett in equal third place on 14. Barnett increased his lead once again after stand three scoring a maximum of 10 for a running total of 27, in second place now on 24 was Juan Cowley with Stan Cross now third on 23.

We still had Barnett in the lead after stand four on 35 points but it was Paul Mihailovits in second place now on 32 with Juan Cowley and Stan Cross equal third on 31. After the fifth and last stand we had Mark Barnett highgun and winner of the Ted Gohl Highgun trophy on 41 points but he almost let it slip away as he only scored 6 on the last stand to Stan Cross, Paul Mihailovits and Juan Cowley who all finished on 40 points.

In C Class Mark Sweetman was the winner with 37 points with Dave Morgan second on 30 followed by Allana Wade in third on 25 points. In B class Peter Kelly was third on 36 with Stan Cross taking second place on 40 with the highgun winner Mark Barnett in first place on 41. Michael Cross was third in A class on 39 points with Stan Cross and Paul Mihailovits tying for first place with 40 points.

In the handicap section we had a runway winner in Mark Sweetman who shot way above his handicap to take the cup with 61 points.


High Gun

  • M Barnett (41)


  • M Sweetman (37 + 24 = 61)

Class A

  1. J Cowley (40)
  2. P Mihailovits (40)
  3. M Cross (39)

Class B

  1. M Barnett (41)
  2. S Cross (40)
  3. P Kelly (36)

Class C

  1. M Sweetman (37)
  2. D Morgan (30)
  3. A Wade (L) (25)
P Kelly, M Sweetman, J Cowley, S Cross, A Wade, M Cross, M Barnett, D Morgan, P Mihailovits

Pro Sporting

In the afternoon the fourth round of the Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting League was held with the Dave and Pam Corlett High Gun and the Meary Veg Handicap cups up for grabs.

The joint leaders after the first 25 were Dave Corlett, Stan Cross, Michael Cross and Rob Corlett on 22 followed by Dave Lally on 21 with George Davies, Peter Kelly and John Moore next on 20.

In the handicap section, it was that man again Mark Sweetman who was leading the way on 30 points.

After the second round of 25 lady shooter Nicky Barnett and Wayne Barsby were in equal third place in C class with 19 points with another lady shooter Allana Wade second with 31 points but winning C class with 36 points was Mark Sweetman.

In B Class Steven Craine using a side by side was in  third place with 39 points with Rob Corlett taking second place on 43 points but winning B Class and winning the highgun cup with 45 points was Michael Cross.

Juan Cowley and Dave Lally were in equal third place in A class on 39 points with Dave Corlett taking second place on 41 with Paul Mihailovits A class winner with 42 points.

The day got even sweeter for Mark Sweetman as he picked up his second cup of the day taking the Meary Veg Handicap trophy with 60 points.


High Gun

  • M Cross (22, 23 = 45)


  • M Sweetman (36 + 24 = 60)

Class A

  1. P Mihailovits (19, 23 = 42)
  2. D Corlett (22, 19 = 41)
  3. D Lally (21, 18 = 39)
  4. J Cowley (19, 20 = 39)

Class B

  1. M Cross (22, 23 = 45)
  2. R Corlett (22, 21 = 43)
  3. S Craine (19, 20 = 39)

Class C

  1. M Sweetman (18, 18 = 36)
  2. A Wade (L) (14, 17 = 31)
  3. N Barnett (L) (10, 9 = 19)
  4. W Barsby (5, 14 = 19
S Craine, R Corlett, A Wade, M Cross, J Cowley, N Barnett, M Sweetman, P Mihailovits, D Corlett

Victory for Corlett on Tynwald Day

2022 Pro Sporting Grand Prix

Thirteen eager competitors took part in the IOM Clay Pigeon Shooting Club’s annual Tynwald Day Pro Sporting Grand Prix, aiming for 100 sporting targets across four layouts.

Class A shooter Alan Wade made his mark on the first layout with just one target missed for an impressive 24 points, pursued by Peter Kelly and Rob Corlett on 22, with Rob’s father Dave Corlett on 21 points. Peter Kelly put in another strong performance on the second layout with 23, where he was joined by Stan Cross and Neil Parsons, with both Corletts, Arran Wade, and Mark Barnett level on 22 by the halfway stage.

Rob Corlett and Peter Kelly hit the ground running after lunch, each scoring 21 points on a tricky third layout, followed by John Moore, Stan Cross, and Alan Wade on 20. Layout four was dominated by Mark Barnett with 22 and Neil Parsons with 21, followed by Rob and Dave Corlett, Stan Cross, and Mark Sweetman – all on 20 points.

The overall winner of C class was Mark Sweetman (71) followed by Brian Kelly (66). Class B consisted of Mark Barnett (78) and junior Arran Wade (72) while class A featured Alan Wade (83), Peter Kelly (82), Stan Cross (81) and Dave Corlett (81). Today’s High Gun goes to Rob Corlett (85) who was the only competitor to score 20 or more in each layout – fantastic shooting, Rob!


High Gun

  • R Corlett (85)

Class A

  1. A Wade (83)
  2. P Kelly (82)
  3. S Cross (81)
  4. D Corlett (81)

Class B

  1. M Barnett (78)
  2. Arr Wade (J) (72)

Class C

  1. M Sweetman (71)
  2. B Kelly (66)


  1. A Wade
    D Corlett (164)
  2. S Cross
    N Parsons (161)
B Kelly, M Sweetman, N Parsons, R Corlett, A Wade, Arr Wade, S Cross, P Kelly, D Corlett, N Barnett

Bradley crowned Manx Champion

Olympic Skeet Manx Championship

The IOM Olympic Skeet Championship was held at Meary Veg, Santon, kindly sponsored by Sadler Agricultural Supplies.

The leader after the first round was James Bradley with 23 points with John Moore and David Clague in equal second place on 20. Bradley was still in the lead after round two with 44 points with Clague now second on his own on 38 with Moore third on 35.

It was status quo after round three with Bradley stretching his lead with 68 points to Clague’s 55 and Moore’s 53. After the fourth and final round Moore finished in third place on 71 with Clague taking second place on 79 but top of the tree with 89 points was James Bradley which made it a double success for him as he also won the selection shoot the previous day with 84 points.



  1. J Bradley (23, 21, 24, 21 = 89)
  2. D Clague (20, 18, 17, 24 = 79)
  3. J Moore (20, 15, 18, 18 = 71)

Selection Shoot

  1. J Bradley (84)
  2. G Fabrizio (80)
  3. J Corkill (70)

Next week is the fourth round of the Suntera Global Sporting League in the morning which has the Ted Gohl Highgun Trophy and the Brian Faragher Handicap cup up for grabs, with the fourth round of the Dave and Pam Corlett Pro Sporting League in the afternoon which has the Dave and Pam Corlett Highgun cup and the Meary Veg handicap cup up for grabs.

Hospice 2022 Chairman’s Report

Successful 12th Annual Charity Event

The annual Hospice Charity Shoot was once again hosted by The IOM Clay Pigeon Shooting Club at Meary Veg, Santon, with a full complement of 72  competitors taking part in dry, sunny but windy conditions.

The competitors shot in squads of six, with the first squad going out at 9am and the last squad starting at 2-30pm. Once all the squads had finished and the scores had been collated we had a tie for the Voirrey Kelly team cup between Top Spec Fencing and Hospice Allsorts both on 187 points so count back was required to find the gold medal winners who were Top Spec Fencing with team members Stan Cross, Michael Cross, Will Rand and Neil Parsons with a combined score of 187+42 to silver medal winners Hospice Allsorts 187+37.8 with team members Vanessa Smith, Chris Smith, Sarah Cubbon and Rob Watterson. Taking the bronze medals were team Hot Shot Glovers with 185 points with team members Jacob Glover, Logan Glover, Mark Riley and Maya Kewley.

In the individual section Neil Parsons was Highgun on 48 who was also the senior gold medallist with with Will Rand second on 46+10 and Mark Riley third on 46+8. Paul Mihailovits was first in the vets on 47 with Dave Corlett second on 44 and Alan wright third on 43. The first lady was Allana Wade on 40 with Rachael Bowen Matthews second on 35 and Shannon Roberts third on 26. The first junior was Joe Faragher on 39 with Zac Bellhouse second on 38 and Tom Bowman third on 32.

In the novice section David Collister took gold on 36 with James Murphy taking silver on 32 and Scott Glover taking bronze on 31. The handicap gold medallist was Tom Moore with 48+10.5, with Rob Watterson taking silver with 48+9.4. We had a 9 way tie for the bronze medal but Brian Kelly had the best count back score on 47+2.6 to take bronze.

The medals were presented by Vanessa Smith and Ann Mills of Hospice at the end of the day when it was announced that the club had raised over £2,500.00 for Hospice IOM which makes nearly thirty thousand pounds being raised over the last twelve years.

A running buffet was going all day many thanks to the kitchen staff and to Harrison and Garrett for sponsoring the burgers and meat, NFU for sponsoring the medals and the British Clay Company for sponsoring the clays for the event.

Also a big thank you to all other sponsors, all that helped in getting the range prepared for the event and to anybody else that helped in anyway in making it a good day out and finally may I thank all the competitors who took part without you it would not happen. Thank you all!

2022 Hospice Winners: B Kelly, A Wade, C Smith, W Rand, A Wright, S Cross, Z Bellhouse, V Smith, A Mills, S Cubon, R Watterson, N Parsons, D Corlett, P Mihailovits

Squads Confirmed for Hospice

Just 3 more Sleeps until Charity Shoot

All entries are in and we’re able to confirm the squads for this Saturday’s annual Hospice charity shoot. Please check your times and arrive at least 20 minutes early to help us keep things smooth and promote this worthy cause.

Squad Timings


Brian Faragher
Peter Kelly
Mark Barnett
Juan Cowley
Arthur Hayes
Zac Bellhouse


Peter Allwright
Danny Shimmin
Shannon Roberts
R B Matthews
Arthur Blaymire
Andy Morgan


Jacob Glover
Logan Glover
Josh Glover
Maya Quewley
Davie Glover
Helen Glover


Mark Hepworth
Steve Jones
Li Williamson
Dave Lally
Connor Murray
Neil Murray


L Parnell
Joe Faragher
Julie Faragher
Alan Wright
Allana Wade
Orry Watterson


Scott Glover
Chloe Glover
Sara Faragher
Lucy Faragher
Tom Moore
Olivia Howland


Callum Craine
Tom Bowman
Steven Craine
Dave Clague
Brian Kelly
Mike Parr


James Mylchreest
Davis Collister
John Collister
Bill Collister
Stan Skinner
Michael Carver


George Davies
Dave Corlett
Rob Corlett
Rob Marshall
Paul Mihailovits
James Murphy


Neil Parsons
Michael Cross
Stan Cross
Will Rand
Hannah McCabe
John Moore


Neil Ward
Vanessa Smith
Chris Smith
Sarah Cubbon
Robert Watterson
Ted Kermeen


Fred Waggot
Alan Kinrade
Mark Christian
Wayne Corlett
John Kneen
Richard Kneen