Last of the Summer Sporting

English Sporting – Round 6

The sixth and final round of the Suntera Sporting League was held at Meary Veg, Santon, with 19 competitors taking part in cool but dry conditions.

The leader after the first stand was veteran John Moore with a perfect 10 followed by nine shooters on 9. We had joint leaders after stand two in Paul Mihailovits and Rob Corlett on 19 with Will Rand in third place on 18 followed by Stan Cross and George Davies on 17. Rob Corlett was in the lead on his own after stand three with 27 points followed by Stan Cross and Paul Mihailovits on 26 with Peter Kelly, Will Rand and Jack Clague next on 24. Corlett was still the lead after stand four on 33 with Cross and Mihailovits next on 32 followed by Davies on 30.

After the fifth and last stand newcomer John Gaydon in his first sporting shoot finished with 18 points. In C class Mark Sweetman was third on 25 with Brian Kelly taking second place on 29 but winning with 31 points was Alan Wright. We had a tie for third place in B class between Will Rand and Peter Kelly on 37. We also had a tie for first place between Stan Cross and Rob Corlett on 40 points. In A class George Davies was third on 36 with junior David Cowin taking second place on 37 but winning A with 40 points was Paul Mihailovits.


Class A

  1. P Mihailovits (40)
  2. D Cowin (J) (37)
  3. G Davies (36)

Class B

  1. S Cross (40)
  2. R Corlett (40)
  3. P Kelly (37)
  4. W Rand (37)

Class C

  1. A Wright (31)
  2. B Kelly (29)
  3. M Sweetman (25)
D Cowin, R Corlett, A Wright, G Davies, S Cross, M Sweetman, P Kelly, P Mihailovits, B Kelly

Pro Sporting – Round 6

In the afternoon the last round of the Pam and Dave Corlett Pro Sporting league was held again with 19 competitors taking part.

The leader after the first layout was Steven Craine with 23 points with Dave Corlett and Will Rand in equal second place on 22 followed by Rob Corlett on 20 with C class shooter Alan Wright next on 19.

After the second layout Brian Kelly was third in C class with 27 points with Mark Sweetman second on 29 but the winner of C class was Alan Wright making it a double C class win on the day with 31 points. In B Class we had a tie for second place between Steven Craine and Mark Barnett on 35 but taking B class with 36 points was Rob Corlett. Peter Kelly was third in A class on 37 with Will Rand taking second place on 38 but the clear winner with 43 points was Dave Corlett.


Class A

  1. D Corlett (22, 21 = 43)
  2. W Rand (22, 16 = 38)
  3. P Kelly (17, 20 = 37)

Class B

  1. R Corlett (20, 16 = 36)
  2. M Barnett (18, 17 = 35)
  3. S Craine (23, 12 = 35)

Class C

  1. A Wright (19, 12 = 31)
  2. M Sweetman (16, 13 = 29)
  3. B Kelly (11, 16 = 27)
S Craine, M Barnett, P Kelly, R Corlett, B Faragher, M Sweetman, D Corlett, B Kelly, A Wright

A big thank you must go to Brian, Mark and Will for setting up some very interesting targets for both disciplines on the day. Next week is the Trap Medley  sponsored by Creer and Kelly Ltd .

Summer Sunshine Sporting

Pro Sporting League, Round 5

The fifth round of the Summer Pro Sporting League was held at Meary Veg, Santon on the morning of Sunday September 4th, with 17 competitors taking part in glorious sunshine with very light winds.

A well received first layout of 25 targets saw Peter Kelly, George Davies, Stan Cross and Alan Wright sharing third position with 18 points each, while David Clague, Stevie Craine and Rob Corlett took second place with 20 apiece, leaving Dave Corlett and Mark Barnett jostling for the lead on 22 points each.

Round two was kind to few, with the Corlett boys bringing home mid teens, Craine Senior leapfrogged by son Calum on 21, and just three competitors clearing the final barrage of instant pairs without dropping a target: Kelly, Cross, and newcomer Daniel Zorab, who bagged one point more on the pairs than in his very first round. Also making good on on an iffy start of 10 points in her first round was Allana Wade, who upped her game to 18 points, while Cross went from 18 to 23 and Kelly from 18 to 22, with Barnett improving on 22 with an extraordinary 24.

The morning’s excitement drew to a close with Peter Kelly and David Clague in equal third on 40 points, Stan Cross in second on 41, and Mark Barnett on top with 46 points – laboratory results pending.


Class A

  1. S Cross (18, 23 = 41)
  2. D Clague (20, 20 = 40)
  3. P Kelly (18, 22 = 40)

Class B

  1. M Barnett (22, 24 = 46)
  2. C Craine (17, 21 = 38)
  3. S Craine (20, 17 = 37)

Class C

  1. A Wright (18, 19 = 37)
  2. Z Bellhouse (15, 18 = 33)
  3. D Morgan (13, 17 = 30)
C Craine, J Clague, Z Bellhouse, M Barnett, D Morgan, S Cross, S Craine, A Wright, P Kelly

English Sporting League, Round 5

The afternoon of Sunday 4th saw yet more sporting action in ideal conditions, and this time it was the fifth round of the Summer English Sporting League which brought 20 competitors out into the early September sunshine, tackling 50 targets across 5 stands.

Freshly back from competing in the British open, junior Joe Faragher wasted no time on stand one with a respectable 9 hits, followed by Peter Kelly, Rob Corlett, and George Davies with 8 points each. By stand two it was time for Joe’s father Brian to take over, putting Faragher (senior) in the lead with 9 followed by Kelly and Paul Mihailovits on 8 targets each.

All change again on stand three, with Joe “I’m-not-having-that” Faragher bagging a perfect 10, joined by watchful veterans Dave Corlett and Stan Cross, and followed by Mihailovits and Rob Corlett on 9. Neither Faraghers were seen at the top of stand four, where a bevy of eight competitors scored 9 points each, including class C shooter Alan Wright.

The fifth and final stand consisted of a high teal and a low, floaty incomer – two types of target typically loved or loathed – and again we saw a solid group at the top, with six shooters scoring perfect tens and another six on resplendent nines.

At the end of five rounds and with the sun still smiling we had Joe Faragher, Rob Corlett, Peter Kelly and Dave Corlett sharing second place on 40 points, with Paul Mihailovits riding high on 42.


Class A

  1. P Mihailovits (42)
  2. D Corlett (40)
  3. J Clague (35)
  4. G Davies (35)

Class B

  1. P Kelly (40)
  2. R Corlett (40)
  3. S Cross (37)

Class C

  1. J Faragher (40)
  2. R Kneen (31)
  3. A Wright (29)
D Corlett, J Faragher, G Davies, P Mihailovits, P Kelly, R Corlett, S Cross

Thank You

The club expresses its sincere thanks to Pam and Dave Corlett for sponsoring our Summer Pro Sporting League, and to Suntera Global for supporting our Summer English Sporting League. Without your generous support events like this would not be possible, and we’re very grateful indeed.

Cross pips Mihailovits to Big Prize

Meary Veg English Sporting Grand Prix

The Meary Veg Sporting GP was held at Meary Veg, Santon, kindly sponsored by Juan Cowley with prize money of over one thousand pounds up for grabs by the thirty competitors taking part in dry but windy conditions making high scoring difficult. The competition was held over 16 stands with each of the six squads doing four laps of four stands on each lap.

We had a six way tie for first place after the first lap with Michael Cross, George Davies, Dave Lally, Jack Clague, Mark Riley and Mark Barnett all returning scores of 26 out of a possible 32. George Davies was in the lead on his own after lap two with 49 points, in second place on 48 was Michael Cross with Dave Lally in third place on 45 followed by Paul Mihailovits in fourth place on 44 with John Moore, Andy Morgan and Jack Clague next on 42. We had a new leader after lap three in Michael Cross with 69 points with Dave Lally now in second place on 67 with George Davies and Paul Mihailovits in equal third place on 66, John Moore was in fifth place on 64 and making the top six was Andy Morgan on 61. 

After the fourth and final lap junior Zac Bellhouse finished in third place in C class with 64 points, in second place in C class was Richard Kneen on 68 but winning C class with 69 points was junior Joe Faragher with 69 points who also won the junior high gun cup.

In B class we had to have a sudden death shoot off to find out who was in third place between Rob Corlett and Peter Kelly who both shot 77 with Peter winning by 4 to Robs 3, second place in B went to Andy Morgan on 79 but winning B class with 81 points was John Moore. We had the same situation for third place in A class with Jack Clague and Mark Riley tying on 78 points with Mark winning the shoot off 2-1, Dave Lally was second in A on 84 with George Davies taking A class with 86 points. The runner up overall was Paul Mihailovits with 87 points but winning the Meary Veg GP with 91 points was Michael Cross – well shot Michael.

In the team highgun section of the competition the winners were father and son Stan and Michael Cross with 167 points in second place on 162 were George Davies and Juan Cowley with Peter Kelly and Jack Clague taking third place on 155. A handicap team event was also held and the winners were Paul Mihailovits and Zac Bellhouse  with 240 points, in second place were Dave and Andy Morgan on 229 with Brian Kelly and Mark Sweetman third on 226.

On behalf of the club may I thank all that helped in setting up, running the competition but mainly Juan Cowley for sponsoring the event and Will Rand for putting up the highgun, team and junior cups for the winners, a long day but most enjoyable thank you all.


High Gun

  • M Cross
    (26, 22, 21, 22 = 91)

Runner Up

  • P Mihailovits
    (22, 22, 22, 21 = 87)

Class A

  1. G Davies
    (26, 23, 17, 20 = 86)
  2. D Lally
    (26, 19, 22, 17 = 84)
  3. M Riley
    (26, 13, 18, 21 = 78)

Class B

  1. J Moore
    (23, 19, 22, 17 = 81)
  2. A Morgan
    (23, 19, 19, 18 = 79)
  3. P Kelly
    (21, 17, 18, 21)

Class C

  1. J Faragher (J)
    (15, 18, 15, 21 = 69)
  2. R Kneen
    (18, 22, 15, 13 = 68)
  3. Z Bellhouse (J)
    (16, 21, 13, 14 = 64)

Next week on Saturday we have an MCTSA ABT selection shoot at 1-30pm and on Sunday the IOM ABT championship sponsored by Sadler Agricultural Supplies. Duty officers this week are B Faragher and W Rand.

Squads Announced for Sporting GP

We’ll be starting promptly at 10:00 for this Sunday’s 120 target Sporting GP, please make sure you arrive at the range in good time.



  • Brian Faragher
  • Nicky Barnett
  • Jackie Clague
  • Giulio Fabrizio
  • Tom Bowman


  • George Davies
  • Andy Morgan
  • Alan Wright
  • Dave Corlett
  • John Kneen


  • Stan Cross
  • John Moore
  • Micheal Cross
  • Mark Riley
  • Paul Mihailovits


  • Will Rand
  • Peter Fabrizio
  • Zak Bellhouse
  • Rob Corlett
  • Brian Kelly


  • Peter Kelly
  • Mark Barnett
  • Richard Kneen
  • David Morgan
  • Mark Sweetman


  • Juan Cowley
  • Ted Davis
  • Joe Faragher
  • Steven Craine
  • Callum Craine

Prize Money

High Gun: £140.00
Runner Up: £120.00

Junior High Gun: £20.00
Runner Up: £15.00

Juniors can also win Overall High Gun/Runner Up Prizes and Class Prizes

Class A

  1. £80.00
  2. £60.00
  3. £40.00

Class B

  1. £80.00
  2. £60.00
  3. £40.00

Class C

  1. £80.00
  2. £60.00
  3. £40.00


  1. £80.00
  2. £60.00
  3. £40.00

Many thanks to IOMCPSC and Juan Cowley for sponsoring the event and
Will Rand for purchasing the cups.

Moore wins All-Rounder

Summer Club All-Round Championship

The IOM Clay Pigeon Shooting Club held their All Round Club Championship kindly sponsored by Manx Petroleum at Meary Veg, Santon, in very changeable conditions.

The leader after the first two disciplines English Skeet and DTL was Mark Barnett with 142 points, in equal second place on 137 were John Moore and junior Joe Faragher followed by Peter Kelly in fourth place on 136. In fifth place on 134 was Brian Faragher and making up the top six was Stan Cross on 132. Joe Faragher and John Moore had straights in English skeet while Mark Barnett was the only one in DTL to have a straight.

After the next two disciplines ABT and Olympic Skeet John Moore had forged a commanding lead going into the sporting section scoring 66 in Olympic skeet to have a running total of 254 to Stan Cross’s 246 in second place with Mark Barnett and Peter Kelly in equal third place on 244 followed by Brian Faragher in fifth place on 227 and making up the top six was Giulio Fabrizio on 220.

The final discipline was sporting and Mark Barnett had a complete melt down only scoring 30 points to finish in sixth place with Giulio Fabrizio on 274 points. In fourth place on 278 points was Brian Faragher with Stan Cross taking third  place on 294 points. Peter Kelly finished the runner up breaking the 300 barrier scoring 301 points but the Champion on the day was John Moore who finished in style, being the only one to clean the last stand of the sporting to take the title by 16 points with a final winning total of 317 – well done John!

John was also veteran champion with Allana Wade taking the honours in the ladies section. Joe Faragher was the junior winner with Stan Cross the senior winner. In the team event Stan Cross and Brian Faragher won with 572 points.


High Gun

  • J Moore (317)
    75 ESK, 62 DTL, 66 OSK, 51 ABT, 63 ESP

Class B

  1. P Kelly (301)
    66 ESK, 70 DTL, 48 OSK, 60 ABT, 57 ESP
  2. S Cross (294)
    60 ESK, 72 DTL, 63 OSK, 51 ABT, 48 ESP
  3. B Faragher (278)
    66 ESK, 68 DTL, 48 OSK, 45 ABT, 51 ESP

Class C

  1. A Wade (L) (242)
    54 ESK, 56 DTL, 27 OSK, 54 ABT, 51 ESP
  2. A Wright (184)
    42 ESK, 52 DTL, 12 OSK, 33 ABT, 45 ESP
  3. N Barnett (L) (150)
    51 ESK, 27 DTL, 21 OSK, 12 ABT, 39 ESP


  • J Moore (317)


  • S Cross (294)


  • A Wade (242)


  • J Faragher (245)

Next week is Meary Veg sporting GP over 120 targets with prize money of over £900 up for grabs. Entries for this are now closed and the squad draw taking place on Wednesday 27th July at 3pm. Duty officers this week are S Craine and T Davis.

B Faragher, A Wade, A Wright, J Moore, N Barnett, S Cross, P Kelly